A boomlet in Coolidge books?

2013 is shaping up to be a good year for the reputation of the man some have called America’s most underrated, if not actually forgotten, president. Just like Amity Shlaes’ long awaited new biography, writer Charles C. Johnson’s new book on why Coolidge is still significant comes out a little too late for Christmas… but you can pre-order and gift-wrap the voucher!

Reader David W alerts me to the upcoming (presumably also in 2013) new book by Coolidge scholar David Pietrusza. Looks like I really need to add a new Coolidge shelf to my bookcase!


Happy New Year!

As this blog starts into 2011, following a record-setting December and Dec. 31st (most blog visitors in a month, respectively a day), I feel more than ever that Calvin Coolidge is a subject worth exploring and developing further. With Glenn Beck coming out as a Coolidge fan last summer, and with the publication date of Amity Shlaes’ new biography approaching, not to mention the publication of “Why Coolidge Matters” by the National Notary Association, it appears that interest in the 30th president hasn’t crested yet.

I trust in time more people will come to share the assessment by Coolidge’s authoritative and sympathetic biographer Claude M. Fuess (“Calvin Coolidge: The Man from Vermont”, p. vii):

Some statesmen diminish in size and importance under microscopic study. Coolidge, on the other hand, has seemed to me to grow more interesting. I finish this biography with the conviction that he was not only a useful public servant but a great and good man.

This same conviction guides me as I continue to write this hopefully intermittently interesting blog in the coming year.

Why Coolidge Matters

I blogged a while ago about a new book titled “Why Coolidge Matters”, but holding the book in my grubby little hands now prompts me to enthuse once more about this first new book-length tribute to Calvin Coolidge in years. The essays by a broad range of scholars are of high quality and offer new and interesting insights. Rare historic photographs from the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation and the Library of Congress illustrate the text, and the book is handsomely bound and printed on high-quality paper. The National Notary Association has really done itself proud by this publication that serves to underscore the relevancy of Coolidge for our times.

Please check out the accompanying website, http://www.whycoolidgematters.com