Another Coolidge photo

Once in while I like to cleverly inflate my post count by simply posting a picture of Coolidge that I like. Most of these, today’s choice being no exception, are from the digital collection of the Library of Congress.

In his photos, Coolidge’s expression was mostly serious, but then, in those days, occasions when a president was being photographed were mostly serious affairs. But sometimes, and more often than one would imagine, president Coolidge cracked a smile. Now, my survey of such occasions is by no means scientific, but it does appear that the presence of a presentable specimen of the opposite sex more often than not caused the president to smile.

Such is the case in this example, where the president is evidently receiving a gift, maybe a Japanese netsuke carving or something similar, from a young lady identified as one Thaig O’Conroy, probably a member or wife of a member of the diplomatic corps. Ms. O’Conroy is resplendent in 1920s fashion; I particularly like the hat.

(click picture to enlarge)

Calvin Coolidge with Thaig O'Conroy