A Coolidge anecdote

Colonel Edmund W. Starling’s book, Starling of the White House, is a treasure trove of Coolidge anecdotes collected by Col. Starling, head of the White House Secret Service detail and perhaps the one person closest to Coolidge during his presidential years. Starling served 5 U.S. presidents from Wilson to FDR, and while he held Wilson in particularly high esteem, he esteemed Coolidge highly and this shines through the pages of the book. Summing up his assessment of Coolidge, Starling writes:

Calvin Coolidge may or may not have been a great President. That is for history to decide. To me he was fundamentally and primarily something which I treasure above all the things of earth: he was a good man. He was thoughtful, he was intelligent, he was sentimental, he was wise. There were times when he was irascible; there were occasions when I was glad to be away from him. But I found him in the large and full portions of existence an admirable and a satisfying man, a peaceful and pleasing and loyal friend. His feelings, like his thoughts, ran deep and did not swerve. I liked him as a man; I loved him as a friend.

Here’s one anecdote about a VERY short Coolidge speech:

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