Rebecca the White House Raccoon

Rebecca the Raccoon, with friend


Too cute to eat? The Coolidges were known as an animal-friendly family, but White House personnel wasn’t too pleased with one particular pet of Calvin and Grace’s, for it constantly tore up clothing, particularly the First Lady’s silk stockings. This little rascal was a raccoon named Rebecca, and she was, as raccoons go, fairly well behaved, as the president stated in one of his press conferences.

Originally a Thanksgiving present for the Coolidges, intended as dinner by the Peruvian diplomat who made the gift, the Coolidges could not bring themselves to eat her but rather had a comfy tree house built for her on the White House grounds. The omnivorous animal had her meals – preferably eggs, chicken, and cream- in a White House bathroom. “In the bathtub, with just some water and a bar of soap to play with, she could amuse herself for hours,” wrote Grace Coolidge.

His daily work done, president Coolidge enjoyed a walk with Rebecca on a leash. But after the adventurous animal managed to sneak out a few times for a bit of sightseeing, the Coolidges feared for her safety and gave her to the Washington Zoo.