Reagan Centennial

While Ronald Reagan often made fun of his relatively advanced age (“…as Benjamin Franklin once said to me…”), he was not, of course, a generational contemporary of Calvin Coolidge, although Coolidge was perhaps the first president who impressed himself on the young Ronald Reagan. It may be that Coolidge was not held in the highest esteem in the Reagan household; after all, his father was a Democrat who bestowed on his younger son the middle name “Wilson” in honor of Woodrow Wilson. But years later, when the adult Ronald Reagan began to interest himself in politics and economics, he grew ever fonder of the 30th president; and once he himself attained the nation’s highest office, he made the White House staff get the official painting of Coolidge out of mothballs and gave it a prominent place on the White House walls.

Now, this coming Sunday, Feb. 6, marks the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth. There is a lot of excitement building at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Museum in Simi Valley, California. Share in the excitement by visiting the Ronald Reagan Centennial website with its many multimedia offerings on this remarkable man.

Me, I will be celebrating the memory of Reagan by visiting the Allied Museum here in Berlin (for the first time, too) and enjoying a festive lunch with my wife. We’ll be toasting the memory of Ronald Reagan, as I hope you will.