Coolidge on the Railroad Committee

Calvin Coolidge was only a relatively young 56 when he relinquished the presidency in 1929, yet his health was none too robust and he did not take on too much strenuous work in his retirement years.  For a while he wrote the widely syndicated newspaper column “Calvin Coolidge Says,” but the strain of having to write it wore on him and he disliked the constant press of deadlines.

tCoolidge did take on a number of board memberships or trusteeships, but his one instance of post-presidential government service occurred when president Hoover in 1932 appointed him chairman of the non-partisan National Transportation Committee, whose task it was to make recommendations concerning the burgeoning problems of the transportation industry. The committee also included financier Bernard M. Baruch and former New York governor and 1928 Democratic presidential candidate Alfred E. Smith.

Coolidge participated in several meetings of the commission in New York, the accompanying picture was taken on one of those occasions.

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