Those stylish 20s

gatsby_compWith this weekend’s wide release of Baz Luhrmann’s new and much ballyhooed adaptation of that quintessential Jazz Age novel The Great Gatsby, it looks like 1920s fashion and style may be in the spotlight for at least a fleeting moment. And deservedly so, for the decade was bursting at the seams with creativity and artistic achievement in all areas of culture. And while the America of F. Scott Fitzgerald may have differed somewhat from that of Calvin Coolidge, I like to imagine that the Coolidges may have moved in social circles were fashions similar to the ones depicted in the new movie were worn, and may have looked at some of the stylish magazines of the era, such as the selection of Life Magazine covers from the 1920s pictured below… and I’m looking forward to seeing the film, even if it does take some liberties, musical and otherwise.