A boomlet in Coolidge books?

2013 is shaping up to be a good year for the reputation of the man some have called America’s most underrated, if not actually forgotten, president. Just like Amity Shlaes’ long awaited new biography, writer Charles C. Johnson’s new book on why Coolidge is still significant comes out a little too late for Christmas… but you can pre-order and gift-wrap the voucher!

Reader David W alerts me to the upcoming (presumably also in 2013) new book by Coolidge scholar David Pietrusza. Looks like I really need to add a new Coolidge shelf to my bookcase!


A lesson for president Obama?

I’m pleased to share that my friend and Coolidge scholar Charles C. Johnson has an excellent piece on president Coolidge up at the American Spectator. I particularly like the final paragraph, containing one of my all-time favorite Coolidge quotes, although there is of course a difference between “choosing” not to run for another term and being voted out.