Update on the upcoming Calvin Coolidge bio by Amity Shlaes

Apparently, there’s a teensy hiccup in the publication date of Amity Shlaes’ eagerly awaited new Coolidge biography, previously scheduled for release in late June. Amity kindly informed by way of commenting on this blog, “that apparently there have been order holdups! Apologies. The book is coming, but not this month. I very much appreciate readers’ patience.” The good news is of course that the major opus is finished, and word is that the delay may be a couple of months at most.

Amity also very graciously makes the offer that “any reader who likes can email for a signed bookplate from me when their copy arrives! My email address for bookplates is amityshlaes@hotmail.com ”  (I guess I should switch my order from Kindle to paper copy …)

And here, courtesy of the Library of Congress Digital Collection, is the image from which the cover image of Amity’s book has been cropped: