Happy Birthday, President Calvin Coolidge!

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July 4th marks the 141st birthday of Calvin Coolidge, America’s 30th president, and still the only chief executive to have been born on the national holiday. We remember and honor him on this day for his lifetime of service, for his quiet certitude, rectitude and civility, and for a presidential record of unprecedented prosperity and peace. The United States has changed much since Coolidge’s day, but while he surely would be aghast at many of these changes, his belief in the foundational principles of the Republic would be firm and unchanged. Happy Birthday, Calvin Coolidge!

Happy 140th Birthday, President Coolidge!


Painting of Calvin Coolidge, by Philip A. DeLaszlo

Whichever way this year’s presidential election turns out, it is virtually certain that Calvin Coolidge will for now retain his status as the only chief executive to have been born on the National Holiday. And as every year, we salute this great yet humble man, who so ably retained the virtues and qualities of his native New England, even the state of Vermont, as he ascended the political ladder. And this year, maybe more so than ever, we reflect on his legacy as a man of peace and prosperity and above all, sound finances, a legacy that will receive increased attention and, it is to be hoped, appreciation as the new biography nears publication.