“Conventional” wisdom over the years

The Wall Street Journal Online has an interesting timeline that links to the American Presidency Project and its documentation of major party platforms.

As the 2012 conventions approach, it’s worthwhile looking at some of the older platforms, some of them containing planks that were controversial at the time. By all means have a look at the Harding/Coolidge and Coolidge/Dawes Republican platforms of 1920 and 1924 – one item that was new to me was that the GOP in 1924 proposed the establishment of a cabinet-level department of education, perhaps ironically, one of the departments that today’s conservative Republicans would like to abolish.

The American Presidency Project

Anyone who has done some researching on U.S. presidential history has probably at one point or another utilized the resources of the American Presidency Project at UCSB. And if any interested readers (you ARE out there, aren’t you?) haven’t, I can’t recommend too highly this excellent source of nearly 90,000 presidential documents, organized and coded in an easily accessible and searchable database.

And I’m happy to say I was able to contribute 2 out of these 90,000 documents only recently – check out, if you will, the following links to two addresses by president Warren G. Harding to the Business Organization of the Government assembly. Your humble blogger is acknowledged in the footnotes !