Votes for women

Over at the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum blog, an interesting post reminds us of Coolidge’s progressive (for his time) views on women’s suffrage. The 19th Amendment, giving women the right and privilege of voting was ratified in August of 1920, after the Tennessee legislature had ratified the amendment by a one-vote margin, making the Volunteer State the nation’s 36th to pass the amendment. Coolidge had long been in favor of women’s suffrage.

Check out the blog post, and the accompanying picture showing then-Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace (who cast her first vote in a Federal election in November of 1920 – presumably for the Republican ticket that included her husband as vice-presidential running mate to Warren G. Harding) at the ballot box in Northampton, Mass. It would be interesting to see what share of the women’s vote Harding/Coolidge and Coolidge/Dawes received in 1920 and 1924, respectively.