A 1924 Coolidge Photo Session

On May 9, 1924, before the events of the summer of ’24 that included president Coolidge’s renomination and, tragically, the death of his son, Coolidge gravely posed for a series of photographs that I kind of like:



A musi”Cal” tribute to campaign songs

Just a brief note to alert interested readers of this blog to a fine blog of Carl Anthony’s about campaign songs. Somehow recent campaigns haven’t produced memorable songs (does either Obama or Romney even have one?). Check out his blog for the story behind Calvin Coolidge’s 1924 campaign song, “Keep Cool and keep Coolidge” as well as other fine examples of campaign music, and also check out the other areas of his blog – highly recommended!

A pair of strange White House guests

In an interesting photo dated Sep. 26, 1924, president and Mrs. Coolidge are standing in front of the Executive Office Building with two somewhat incongruous guests – Mary Harris “Mother” Jones and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

The Coolidges with Mother Jones and Teddy Roosevelt, Jr.

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