Inauguration Day

This blog -when it descends from the lofty heights of Coolidge scholarship into the dense fog of contemporary politics- is often critical of the current incumbent, but as the world looks towards Washington, D.C. today Jan. 21, 2013, for Barack Obama’s second inauguration, we wish him good luck and Godspeed in conducting the administration of the government these coming four years to the benefit of all.

By way of contrast to today’s pomp and circumstances, here’s a link to a segment filmed by CBS News right in Plymouth Notch, VT, to remind viewers of the memorable and unique midnight swearing-in of Calvin Coolidge. It features the spectre of Calvin Coolidge himself (impeccably impersonated by Jim Cooke, Coolidge scholar, as well as frequent and valued commenter on this blog):

The king is dead; long live the King – Aug. 3, 1923

Calvin Coolidge being sworn in by his father

August 3 is an important date for Coolidge fans. On this day, in the wee early hours of the morning, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the nation’s 30th president following the passing of his predecessor Warren G. Harding. The scene of Calvin Coolidge being sworn in as president by his father is a unique and cherished one in American history.

TIME Magazine of Monday Aug. 13, 1923 reported the event as follows interspersed with reminiscences by Coolidge himself:

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