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Thank you for checking out this blog and its more or less humble author!

Calvin Coolidge, his era, and American presidential politics, past to present, are (some of) my interests, and this blog is devoted to them. During working hours, I try to move academic-level continuing education forward by working at a public-private partnership university in Berlin; this following a mid-life course correction and college degree in Psychology.

Born in Germany’s Rhineland I now live on the edge of Berlin, although that will change in 2012 when my wife and I move to Berlin proper. While this blog is focused on the abovementioned topics, I may also comment more or less coherently on other areas, among them psychology, the arts, continuing education and lifelong learning.

I appreciate constructive comments, well aware as I am that some of my readers may be far more knowledgeable on the subjects I presume to write about than I am.

16 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for this information. I had begun to wonder who and where you were or are and/or might be. Have you read John Derbyshire’s novel “Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream”?
    Don’t hesitate to send me any questions you may have on Coolidge. I prefer questions I can’t answer. You may know that I “do” another US President – John Quincy Adams: A Spirit Unconquerable!
    JQA and Silent Cal are separated by a Century. Coolidge was our last conservative president – John and Abigail’s eldest son was our first liberal president. They form a most interesting contrast.
    beCool –

  2. Jim, thank you. We actually did correspond a little while ago and yes, I have read -and enjoyed- the Derbyshire book. I’ll try to come up with a Coolidge question you can’t answer 🙂

  3. In Berlin. Would like to invite you personally to attend the Coolidge Symposium at the JFK Library in Boston October 7, 2010. Amity Shlaes, Joe Thorndike, Jack Bogle, Michael Dukakis, David Pietrusza John Van Til, Carl S. Anthony and others to speak.

  4. Hello sir,

    Do you know of any effort underway to either: 1. Reprint Edward C. Lathem’s “Calvin Coolidge Says” (1972)? 2. Publish those 365 articles in a new collection? I am looking to do just that if no one else is already working on it. Also, I sure appreciate all the work you put in to this blog. Keep it up!

    • Thank you for the kind comment. As for the question re reprint/republication of the Coolidge columns, I do not presently know of any such project but would advise you to contact Bob Kirby, President of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation (the original Lathem book was, as you know, published under the auspices of the Foundation), at: robert.p.kirby(at)comcast.net He should know if anything is in the works. Thanks again and best wishes!

  5. I thought you might like to know that today The Lucidicus Project is tweeting highlights from the book, “Silent Cal’s Almanack” by David Peitrusza. For those not following us on Twitter, there is a brief editorial that includes a bullet list of all our scheduled tweets:


    The Lucidicus Project is an independent educational initiative whose mission is to help the general public (and specifically medical students) learn more about liberty and free markets.


  6. What a wonderful blog this is. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done on researching President and Mrs. Coolidge and the Coolidge administration.

    I too am writing a Coolidge blog. My blog to date consists almost exclusively of quotes from President Coolidge as well as quotes from when he served as President of the Massachusetts State Senate and as Governor of the Commonwealth.

    I simple cannot match Coolidge’s writing ability so at least to this date I have refrained from posting my own comments on my blog. I have to say that you Mr. Kai are an excellent writer as well.


  7. Kai,
    What wonderful photos you have on this site. Shortly we will be doing some Coolidge on Bloomberg View! Could you post some of the sources? We would like to refer to your site, in any case.

    • Amity,
      thanks for the mention! And I realize I should always post the sources…I’ll try to go back and fill the gaps. Happy 4th of July, or, as we like to refer to it, Calvin Coolidge’s birthday!

  8. I am commenting on today’s post 11/13/12 :Exactly on target ! Of course , the establishment rebuttal will be : “but that’s almost 100 years ago !” As if the laws of economics somehow changed with climate change.

  9. I’m a fairly new addition to your blog’s readership. As you can tell, I am a Presidential Historian. I was interviewed, yesterday, on local radio on ‘The History of Presidential Inaugurations.’

    I had the pleasure of meeting John Coolidge, before his death. In fact, when a book on ‘the Vice-Presidents,’ mentioned that coolidge hd had a heart attack while in the Oval office, I, seriously, doubted it, even though I know he died from a heart attack in January of 1933. I knew of all the other ‘presidential secret maladies’ (i.e. Cleveland’s secret operation for cancer of the jaw in 1893,’ but I had never heard of a ‘secret heart attack’ for Coolidge. The author made the assumption hat it was because of this that he did not seek re-election in 1928. I called John and asked him, who was right, me or the book. He told me that I was. Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting Francis Grover Cleveland (1903-1995).
    I think you’ll get a smile over this final tale. My wife of 25 years and I ‘re-enact’ Coolidge’s historic ceremony ever year on Aug. 3. I am a licensed NY State Notary Public and I officiate the oath taking ceremony with my wife at precisely 2:47am.
    I am 56 years old, and I remember bringing audio tape recordings of the Kennedy-Nixon debates for ‘Show and Tell’ in Nursery School.
    On our honeymooon, I took my wife to see Vice-President Levi P. Morton’s grave in Rhinebeck, NY.

    • Thank you for those most interesting notes! I suppose I’ll need to do multiple fact checks before posting, lest I hear from you 🙂 How exciting that you got to meet John Coolidge! I can’t really claim to be a historian or scholar – as you no doubt have gathered from reading this blog. I do have my favorites among the presidents, among them Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, and Ronald Reagan, and I do love historic biographies. I’m going on 51 myself now, and my wife merely tolerates my interest…I hope you wife was as excited as you were about that honeymoon highlight you mention 🙂
      Hope to hear from you again, thanks for stopping by!

  10. Lieber Kai!

    Vielen Dank für Ihren ausgezeichneten Blog! Unser lieber Coolidge hat eine Weisheit gehabt, die auch heute angemessen ist. Sind seine ganzen Artikeln irgendwo im Internet zu finden? Ich würde gerne die ganze Reihe von seinen “Calvin Coolidge Says” Kolumnen lesen.

    • Lieber Andrew,

      vielen Dank! Leider gibt es -soviel ich weiß- die gesammelten Coolidge-Kolumnen nicht im Netz, und auch
      die als Buch gebundene Version ist sehr schwer zu finden. Ich hatte selbst ein Exemplar, das ich dann aber dem
      Autor von “Why Coolidge Matters”, Charles C. Johnson, überlassen habe.
      Mit besten Grüßen, ~Kai

  11. Inzwischen habe ich gefunden, dass viele von den Kolumnen, vielleicht alle, sind in den Internet-Archiv des “Washington Post” zu finden – allerdings muss man einen Benutzername und Kennwort dazu haben. Dafür muss man leider entweder bezahlen oder jemanden kennen.

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