Notice to readers of this blog

Dear readers,

it has been fun and interesting to keep up a more or less (lately the latter) steady stream of posts to this blog, and more than that, it has been a privilege to converse, and in some rare cases meet, with readers, many of whom are far more knowledgeable on all matters Coolidge than I could ever be.

While I still think we live in a time that is in sore need of some of the qualities that made Calvin Coolidge special, and while I believe we can profit from his wisdom today, pressing other commitments and far too many interests do not permit me to continue coming up with fresh material. In Coolidge’s own style, “I choose to not add any more new material.” Unlike Coolidge, I may yet reverse that decision some time in the future, and for the time being, the blog will remain active, as I feel it is important that there are as many fair and accurate sources on Coolidge to counter some of the misinformation that unfortunately is out there. I have followed with a great deal of admiration the contributions by Daniel Wright at his blog and would urge every one who does not already subscribe to The Importance of the Obvious to do so.

I thank everyone for their support, comments and input. As we approach, in a few days, the 90th anniversary of Calvin Coolidge’s ascension to the Presidency, I feel certain the stature and reputation of, and affection for, the 30th president will continue to grow.

6 thoughts on “Notice to readers of this blog

  1. Your posts have been wonderful and insightful, not to mention inspirational. I hope you will relent somewhat and at least occasionally post more things. Good luch to you and thank you! Godspeed.

  2. Oh nein kai, das darf nicht wahr sein! Missing you here in Plymouth Notch.
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  3. Needless to say, thank you for your contributions. I realize the burden of running a blog – and hope that at some point you may be able to revive this very interesting line of information.

  4. We are very sorry to hear you “do not choose” to keep writing. You have been such a constant and eloquent expositor of Coolidge’s worth that a void will be left. We do not wish to see a teammate in the cause retire but wish all the very best to you in future endeavors. I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping to inspire my writing. Perhaps we can be more successful in a “Draft Kai” movement than contemporaries were for Cal.

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