Keeping (beer) cool with Coolidge

In what I hope is a not too frivolous post on this Fourth of July, I wanted to share a surprise Coolidge moment I enjoyed while watching one of my favorite shows, Futurama, on DVD just last night.

For those not in the know about the show’s back story and setup, it would be too convoluted to go into detail. Suffice it to say that in this faraway future animated comedy universe, the heads of important figures such as Mr. T, Mr. Spock, and of course all the U.S. presidents are kept alive (of sorts) in jars of life-sustaining fluid.

All_the_Presidents'_Heads_infoboxIn the patriotic and historical episode “All The Presidents’ Heads“, first aired 07/28/11, night watchman Philip J. Fry parties with the presidents (all the presidents – from Chester A. Arthur to Chester Z. Arthur), and while some, like Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Warren Harding, FDR (“We have nothing to fear but the lack of beer”), and Rutherford Hayes get speaking parts, others are used in various ways for party games. Calvin Coolidge’s jar serves as -you guessed it – a beer cooler, and his head looks none too pleased. (I’m still looking for a good screenshot…a tiny one can be seen below under #30

55001398Wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July!

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