This just in: What you never said can still hurt you…

…or your reputation, at any rate. Amity Shlaes and George Nash have done some research into whether or not Calvin Coolidge really made the upbeat remarks about the soundness of the 1928 stock market that Herbert Hoover attributes to him in his memoirs, and which John Kenneth Galbraith requoted to lay the blame for the 1929 crash at the feet of Coolidge.Turns out he very likely didn’t make that statement – which goes some way towards absolving him, although at the same time it proves wrong Coolidge’s own aphorism that he “never had been hurt by anything he didn’t say.”

2 thoughts on “This just in: What you never said can still hurt you…

  1. I was speaking to a call center representative of one of my insurance companies. The young man’s name was Calvin, and I could not resist giving him a brief biographical synopsis of our 30th president. Will there be special festivities to mark the 90th Inaugural Day. As I might have told you, my wife and I re-enact the Coolidge swearing-in ceremony, every year, without fail, on Aug 3 at 2:47am. I happen to be a NYS license Notary Public.

    • You know, Calvin is really a nice name, and I wish it would come back into fashion. And I suspect Coolidge is still the first reference that comes to people’s minds when they hear Calvin – unless he’s been overtaken by Klein. For information on whether the 90th anniversary of the first Coolidge inaugural will see any special celebrations, please consult the website of the Calvin Coolidge Foundation at



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