The posing President

Posing with groups of visitors to the White House was something president Coolidge did often and well. Browsing the Library of Congress online photo archives the other day, I came upon a number of pictures that were new to me and that serve to illustrate the variety of such visitors. All of the images are from the period of May/June 1926.

cc and native americans 1926cc and group c 1926cc and group b in  may 1926CC and camp fire girlsMy favorite, though perhaps not the president’s (that prop sword looks a little threatening…):

cc and colonial group_1926And finally, this one’s a little different…not sure what CC is handing out here:

cc and group in june 1926

2 thoughts on “The posing President

    • I believe you may be right, unfortunately the Library of Congress has no info on that. Did the DAR routinely brandish swords?

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