Midgets for Coolidge

Interesting post! This gives the lie to the idea that Republicans don’t care for the little people.

Ghosts of DC

So, this is a bizarre one that I came across on Shorpy … a large group of midgets arrive in Washington to support President Calvin Coolidge.

I’m not making this up. It was reported in the Washington Post on January 20th, 1924.

The first organizing touring Coolidge Marching club to work for the nomination of the president, comes to Washington Sunday morning. It is composed of 23 European midgets, men and women artists, headed by I. S. Rose, New Englander and impresario.

The midgets wear buttons and ribbons on which is inscribed “Coolidge 1925.” Upon its arrival at the Washington Union station this morning, the club will execute a few simple evolutions before taking motors for its quarters in the northeast section.

The Rose midgets will wear their Coolidge emblems throughout their tour of thirty weeks. Henri Glauer, age 32, height 31 inches, explains it thusly: “If the President…

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