Happy Birthday, Calvin Coolidge Jr.

A bittersweet Happy Birthday to president Coolidge’s younger son, Calvin Jr. – born April 13, 1908, he passed away at age 16 from blood poisoning incurred from a blister after playing tennis.

Calvin Coolidge, Jr. (1908 - 1924)

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Calvin Coolidge Jr.

  1. Just waiting for Amity Shlaes book. Perhaps it will resonate. I just noted the nonsense from previously conservative Orin Hatch who now hates libertarians. He’s not a true conservative anymore, just a guy who’s stayed around too long and is a captive of special interests. Too bad.

    • Dave, thank you! Briefly, have you seen the interview with Sen. DeMint in the current “reason” magazine? I could scare up a link. He makes the case that conservatives, libertarians and Tea >Partiers have more in common than they think and that they ought to join forces. Makes sense to me!

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