Dances with Collies

It’s close to the end of the month, and I’m desperate for more clicks… so, on the theory that there’s always interest in handsome animals, if not in undeservedly obscure 1920s presidents, I give you Calvin Coolidge with one of his quadruped White House friends, the collie Rob Roy. And maybe it’s just me, but I thought it almost looked as if the two of them are dancing 🙂

Calvin Coolidge and Rob Roy, Oct. 31, 1924

Calvin Coolidge and Rob Roy, Oct. 31, 1924

2 thoughts on “Dances with Collies

  1. OK. I’ll click and comment.
    You can probably find an image of Rob Roy and Prudence Prim on President Coolidge’s bookplate. There is a beautiful tribute to Rob Roy in Cal’s Autobiography. See pages 222- 223. Of course it is Rob Roy we see with Mrs. Coolidge in the famous Howard Chandler Chrisity portrait – said to be Jackie Kennedy’s “favorite” White House portrait – that is where it hangs today. Woof!

    • Jim, thanks for throwing me that bone! Yes, I might have mentioned Rob Roy’s starring role in the portrait of Mrs. Coolidge… as for the bookplate, I learned only recently that it features “the Plymouth homestead, a fence, a fishing rod leaning against a tree, a bait basket, a bust of General Washington, the flag of the United States, a cheerful bandeole, and , squatting in the foreground, those immortal collies; in other words, a crowded pictorial composition.”

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