Coolidge “moneybomb” fundraiser for Ron Paul

Candidate Ron Paul

In what may be the first explicit invocation of Calvin Coolidge in the current presidential campaign, supporters of the Ron Paul presidential campaign are using a familiar clip of the 30th president speaking on taxes and a second clip that clearly and correctly describes the Coolidge views on taxation and foreign policy, to kick off a one-week grassroots “moneybomb” fund raiser to raise funds in advance of the Iowa caucuses on Aug. 13. And whether or not you agree with part or all of Congressman Paul’s views and statements (and for the record, I do agree with a lot of what he’s been consistently saying), I think it’s appropriate for him to point out Coolidge as a paragon of the virtues sorely needed in U.S. politics today. One might add that it also is appropriate because Ron Paul has been fighting the Fed for a long time – and it was the Fed’s mismanagement that may have been to blame at least in part for the severity of the Great Depression, which has been unfairly sullying the reputation of president Coolidge.

Full text of the fundraising message here:

URGENT!!! The Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign recently sent out a letter asking the grassroots to help them raise needed funds before the Ames straw poll in Iowa on August 13th. In light of this call to action, on August 3rd, 2011, supporters of Ron Paul will hold a ‘moneybomb’ for THREE reasons:

1) The campaign has asked us to help them reach a goal.

2) August 3rd is the date Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as president 88 years ago. Coolidge shared many views that are synonymous with what Ron Paul believes in — taxation, non-interventionist foreign policy, individualism — Calvin Coolidge serves as proof that not only is Ron Paul a REAL Republican, but THE Republican that the GOP should nominate in their primaries to go up against Obama in 2012.

3) August 3rd is exactly one day after the supposed “apocalyptic” catastrophe that will occur on August 2nd if America’s debt ceiling is not raised. We believe that Congressman Paul’s argument that the world will NOT come to an end after this date will be vindicated.

These are the reasons why August 3rd, 2011, has been chosen as the date for the next MoneyBomb fundraiser.

THEN, throughout the week following August 3rd, we will continue to donate money to Dr. Paul’s campaign up until Wednesday, August 10th. This will help ensure that the campaign will have all the funds it needs in order to properly advertise, etc. for the Ames straw poll three days later on the 13th.

2 thoughts on “Coolidge “moneybomb” fundraiser for Ron Paul

    • Noted and updated/corrected! Thank you for those videos, they capture well the essence of Coolidge and what Republicanism should return to standing for today.

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