Shades of Cyrano?

Excuse the levity, but before I saw this picture, I never realized what a long (and pointy) nose Calvin Coolidge had. Somehow that doesn’t come out in the mostly frontal pictures of him.

President Coolidge signing the tax bill

Source: Digital collection of theLibrary of Congress, Item URL

1 thought on “Shades of Cyrano?

  1. I have noted Cal’s prodigious nasal endowment and note my shorter comings in that department.

    This Monday, July 11 will be John Quincy Adams’ birthday. You may know that he was invited but refused to attend the dedication of the completion of Bunker Hill Monument in June of 1843; he remained at home in Quincy, Massachusetts.

    In his journal he writes: “What a name in the annals of history is Bunker Hill! What a day was the 17th of June 1775. I shall never forget it. And what a burlesque upon them both is an oration by Daniel Webster and a pilgrimage by John Tyler and his Cabinet of slave-drivers, to desecrate the solemnity. I have throughout my life had an utter aversion o all pageants and public dinners and never attend one when I can decently avoid it. Now, with the ideal association of the thundering cannon, which I heard, and the smoke of burning Charlestown which I saw with my mother from the top of Penn’s Hill on that awful day. Now: Combined with the pyramid of Quincy granite, and Daniel Webster spouting, and John Tyler’s nose, with a shadow outstretching that of the monumental column–how could I have witnessed all this without and unbecoming burst of indignation, or of laughter.”

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