A 1929 Coolidge pic

Strolling and scrolling through Ebay on the lookout for Coolidge items, I found the following photo that perhaps accompanied a 1929 newspaper article about Coolidge adjusting (for the first time in some 30 years) to life outside of politics. The former president is indeed sitting somewhat morosely at his desk in the law office of Coolidge & Hemenway in Northampton, looking more “weaned on a pickle” than ever. Ralph W. Hemenway ceded him the office he had used in the president’s absence, as he himself moved to a less comfortable one.

I don’t think Coolidge regretted leaving the White House, and he certainly was among the least pretentious of presidents, but it must have been something of a letdown to be back in his old office.While he began to make some good money with his contract for a daily newspaper column, Coolidge, who never had been a rich man, remained modest and frugal in his lifestyle after returning to private life in 1929.

Calvin Coolidge in 1929 (date unspecified)

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