Coolidge: silenced rather than silent?

Just a quick note that Amity Shlaes, currently working on an all-new biography of the 30th president, has a not-to-be-missed article on Calvin Coolidge in the current issue of The New Criterion.

3 thoughts on “Coolidge: silenced rather than silent?

  1. Kai

    You have outdone them all with the very best Post that I have ever seen. I have often wondered about Blogging and my role in it. The opportunity to have seen this makes it worthwhile; if you don’t have a doctorate I suggest that you start one on do it on Coolidge.

    • Ike, I can only suppose your praise is for the linked article, and thus for Amity Shlaes rather than me. And no, no doctorate as yet for me… if I do get one at my rather overripe age, it probably would be in my field of psychology. Or perhaps a psychological assessment of Coolidge?

  2. Kia

    Thanks for a few more snippets about the man Kai, but I am not going to allow you this time to get away with your normal good mannered humble and modest self analyses.

    You suppose wrong; of course the Amity Shlaes article is extremely well done and deserving of high praise, but it was you unique way of putting the two together, just those few words and providing a clear hotlink instead of the full wwww.http ,,,,etc was a classic.

    I have a serious eye impediment and convert my favorite Posts into MSWord format where I can read it at my ease off-line in a section of my personal archives that I created for them.

    Your Post and the Amity Shlaes are right at the top now. The doctorate sounds a splendid idea to me; I am working on a Nobel but progress is slow [smile].

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