Random Coolidgeana

Sometimes I scour the pages of eBay just for fun, to see if any Coolidge items are for sale… surprisingly, there are usually some interesting things on there. Like this original White House invitation currently offered at  $ 250.00


Or this second one, also at $ 250.00 with a handwritten inscription (not by president Coolidge, I presume):

These come fairly cheap when compared to actual letters signed by the president, or this diplomatic appointment, signed by Secretary of State Hughes and the president, starting at a cool $ 6,499.00

I expect I’ll need to save up a little before I can start my Coolidgeana collection….or maybe start with something smaller.


1 thought on “Random Coolidgeana

  1. Hi Kai

    I have been out and about away from it all for a week and returned this morning.

    What you should do is protect and archive your Blog contents where only you and your descendants can find it. Somebody will pay a lot for this in another hundred years or so.

    Happy Coolidging.

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