Just who IS the greatest POTUS ever?

Over at the Cato Institute, Senior Fellow Dan Mitchell blogs kind words about our man Calvin, acknowledging that he is at least in the running when it comes to the question of who is/was the greatest president of the past 100 years. I find it interesting to note that Coolidge, even while readily admitting that he was not a “great man”, was able to accomplish great things… or rather, let the American people accomplish great things by staying out of their way and off their collective backs.

2 thoughts on “Just who IS the greatest POTUS ever?

  1. The Greatest?
    We tend to value our presidents based on the body count in their administrations. Coolidge was a notable failure in this department. And: He had opportunities to take us into war that a greater man would have seized. All we got was peace, prosperity along with great literature and marvelous music.

    Increasingly the 1929 Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge is recognized as among the very best post-presidential writing, second only to Grant’s Memoirs – who had Mark Twain for editor. It is about time! The 30th President is on record in that Autobiography regarding Presidential Greatness. “It is a great advantage to a President, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know that he is not a great man.”
    beCool –
    Jim Cooke

    • Jim- thanks as always for your pertinent comment. I suppose it really isn’t fair to compare the “greatness” of presidents who held the office in vastly different circumstances. But I like Coolidge’s approach, which seems to me to be closer to that envisioned by the framers as that of many others who held the office.
      Be cool 🙂 Kai

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