The quotable Coolidge

Walter Lippmann said about Coolidge’s perceived inclination to inactivity, it “is far from being indolent inactivity. It is a grim, determined, alert inactivity.”

While Lippmann probably did not intend this as a compliment, from a laissez-faire, libertarian point of view an inactive chief executive is the best type of chief executive. And for Coolidge, this truly was a matter of principle – he stated his very modest view of the role the government ought to have in people’s lives as follows:

“If the federal government should go out of existence, the common run of people would not detect the difference in the affairs of their daily life for a considerable length of time.”

2 thoughts on “The quotable Coolidge

    • Dave, you’re probably right. We probably won’t see in our lifetime that government shrinks again to the size it was in Silent Cal’s day…but just maybe some few people are coming around to the idea that maybe government shouldn’t be involved so much in people’s lives or have people be dependent on it.

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