Calvin Coolidge in pictures

I’m always happy to see pictures of Calvin Coolidge, especially ones showing him with his family. There are several sources of historical pictures, maybe chief among the Library of Congress. The Forbes Library in Northampton, with its Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum has a choice collection of hi-res pictures, one of which I’m posting here; it shows Coolidge helping his son Calvin Jr. build a go-kart (or is it the other way around?). The picture is dated July of 1920 and was taken at the longtime Coolidge home on Massasoit Street in Northampton, Mass.

(click image to enlarge)

Calvin Coolidge and Calvin Coolidge Jr. building a kart (1920)

2 thoughts on “Calvin Coolidge in pictures

  1. The caption of this staged photo-op is correct – 1920. The date in the text is clearly wrong since Calvin Jr., died of blood poisoning in July of 1924. Some years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with President Coolidge’s eldest son, John. From him I learned that it was, in fact, he and his mother who built the go-kart in the picture. President Coolidge was not very “handy” with tools while John was.

    • Jim, thank you for alerting me to a stupid mistake that is entirely mine and now corrected. And thank you especially for sharing that background story about the picture! I had a feeling it looked somewhat “staged”.

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